Lundy Trip Report

In mid-July, a group of seven divers from BSAC London No.1 set off for north-west Devon, the first trip of an interrupted season for many of us. We were headed for Lundy, a small island off the coast of North Devon, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol Channel. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather throughout the trip, … Read More

Coronavirus update – a message from our Chairman

Hi All,  You’ve heard the news. The time has come to change our behaviour to protect ourselves and others. We think there’s nothing better than diving, and if you are not able to dive, we encourage you to enjoy the outdoors and do some other exercise while you can. However, we recognise that as a Club, we need to stop some … Read More

Isle of Man trip report

Each year the DO asks members where they’d like to dive the following season. Last year the most exciting suggestion was to go to the Isle of Man. Unsurprisingly this came from former Manx resident Laura who, surprisingly, had never dived there before. I was delighted to try to organise it, partly because I’d never been to the island before … Read More

Falmouth Dive Trip – Spring Bank Holiday 2019 by Aeron Yucoco

Having done six practice dives at Stoney over the May Day Bank Holiday, and managing to sort out most of my diving gremlins, I was allowed the privilege to tag along the dive trip to Falmouth over the Spring Bank Holiday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex Marshall and Nathan Piper who worked tirelessly and patiently … Read More

West Bay Easter 2019

After a fairly cold and baron Easter trip last year we decided to head to West Bay this time. We haven’t been there as early in the season as this during my time in the club so I was a bit worried that there may not be much life about yet and also concerned that the weather may let us … Read More

Westbay trip by Julien Segers

Westbay is one of the club’s favourite diving destinations. In my short time so far as a diver it has become one of my favourites, with a wide variety of sites at all depths, wrecks and reefs. It has the practicality of our accommodation being very close to the marina. And Westbay is a special place for me as it … Read More

Scilly Sailing and Diving

by Barny Darby It had been a few years since the great 2014 trip in which we had managed to have a yacht and the Percy in the sound of Mull, diving the Hispania, Rondo etc. Then the yachties headed off North to dive the summer isles and the scapa flow. All the divers were keen to again explore some … Read More

Diving Explorations in Central America

by Roberta Lenart I spent April and May in Central America where I visited three countries that stretched between oceans: Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Of course while there I made time to test the waters in both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Just a week after arrival to the continent I dived in Panama at Isla Cobia. It’s part of … Read More

7 hardy divers went to Porthkerris for Easter

Porthkerris – Sealife to Pondlife! Over the Easter weekend, seven hardy divers made the long trip to Porthkerris for 4 days’ of diving off Cornwall’s southern coast. The first three days saw us exploring estuaries, go searching for wrecks and getting up close and personal with all sorts of sealife. The fourth day involved some very exciting sub-aqua activity as … Read More