Diving Explorations in Central America

by Roberta Lenart I spent April and May in Central America where I visited three countries that stretched between oceans: Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Of course while there I made time to test the waters in both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Just a week after arrival to the continent I dived in Panama at Isla Cobia. It’s part of … Read More

Mid-summer weekend diving in Portland

Even trying to fill us the Percy Too in the petrol station showed once again what a boat it is – filling from pumps on both sides of the aisle! Anyway the next morning 9 of us headed a top speed to the bottom of Durdle Door for the well known tourist site – a stone arch on the Jurassic … Read More

7 hardy divers went to Porthkerris for Easter

Porthkerris – Sealife to Pondlife! Over the Easter weekend, seven hardy divers made the long trip to Porthkerris for 4 days’ of diving off Cornwall’s southern coast. The first three days saw us exploring estuaries, go searching for wrecks and getting up close and personal with all sorts of sealife. The fourth day involved some very exciting sub-aqua activity as … Read More

A dive trip to Mozambique (Tofo Beach)

For many years I had heard of the diving at Tofo beach in Mozambique, both from South Africans that I had met, and from the tales of whale sharks told by other London Diver members Morgan and Hannah who had worked nearby at Barra. (and a massive turtle) and a bit of lion fish action! We also saw some reef … Read More

Diving in Jordan

(by Roberta Lenart) The idea of visiting Jordan came from a scuba diving magazine that described a trip to Aqaba on the Red Sea, the only coastal city of Jordan. It appealed to me not least as did not just talked about what’s underwater but also went into detail describing Jordan on land. I wanted to see Petra (re-discovered by … Read More

The Diving Officers Report – 2016 Season

This blog is adapted from the Diving Officers Address to the AGM in October 2016 === Firstly some summary statistics for the year… Dive count from RIB 2016: 184.  Mad diver award (for most dives) winner: 27 dives. Trips:9. Number of different divers: 20. (Dive count from RIB 2015: 182. Mad diver award winner: 23 dives. RIB trips:6. Number of different divers: 18) … Read More

Shetland Islands – September

The London Divers Expedition for 2016 was to Shetland in September. Eleven divers spent a wonderful week diving, touring round the islands and enjoying life on our liveaboard ship. Shetland is a special place for diving as it is less intensely dived and fished than many parts of Britain. With reliably good visibility (generally we found 10 to 15 metres) … Read More

BBQ’d Scallops

  For the May bank holiday a few of us headed down to the Dorset coast to enjoy some fine weather, and get up close with some plankton bloom…! We kicked off with a dive on the Arfon, a new site for the club (http://www.divernet.com/wreck-tours/p301720-wreck-tour:-88-the-arfon.html) which we managed to find pretty easily (near to the Aolian Sky) however sitting at … Read More

Solo Diving? by Chris Askew

Solo Diving? BSAC says no! BSAC is not just a club, they are the SCUBA diving sports official governing body in the UK and they have decided that diving solo is not safe, and yet there are now several other training agencies that will train you to be self reliant on a dive and another one who will even train … Read More

Sipadan, Borneo, from Roberta

At the end of March I combined two of my great passions: traveling and scuba diving. While on a whirlwind of vacation in South East Asia I followed advice from a Malaysian scuba diver friend who insisted the best place to dive in the world was at Sipadan, off Borneo. Sipadan was formed by living corals growing on top of … Read More