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Using the pool

Members are welcome to come down on Tuesday evenings to go in the pool for a dive, a swim or a snorkel. All use of club equipment and air is free to members on club nights. If you’d like to go in the pool just let the training officer know so that we can make sure there’s enough equipment and no special events on – and of course find you a buddy.

Club Diving trips

Each year the members say where they’d like to go diving. The Diving Officer puts together a calendar of trips and appoints Dive Managers to organise them. For this year’s diving calendar see here.

If there are any trips that you’d like to go on, just message the Dive Manager of that trip to book your spot. A small number of trips each year will be Sports Diver + (or equiv), but most trips are open to all members. All trips have limited spaces (usually 12) so it’s first come first served. If you are an Ocean Diver (or equiv) then please be aware that you are even more limited as we have to ensure that there are a sufficient number of experienced divers on the trip to keep everyone safe.

For information about the logistics of going on a club trip and what to expect on them see here.

For a kit list of what to take on club trips see here.

Training opportunities

We teach all levels of BSAC training up to Advanced Diver – see here. These are extremely good value for money. The club runs the Sports Diver course at a loss and runs Dive Leader and Advanced Diver at a significant loss.

In addition we can teach many of the BSAC SDCs within the branch including, O2 Administration, AED, Boat Handling, Accelerated Decompression Procedures, Side mount diver, Nitrox, Dry suit and many more. The club runs these courses at cost which means they are often free for members.

We also do ad-hoc training at the request of members. Perhaps you want a general refresher or perhaps you want to learn how to deploy a DSMB.

If there’s any training at all that you’re interested in just message the training officer. If we can do it then we will and if we can’t we’ll advise you what your best option is.

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