Dive Calendar

Each year we set out to dive in a range of locations around the UK. Based on input from our members, we pick a calendar of dive sites from near and far to travel to and dive.

Check out our club google calendar below for upcoming dive trips – or use this link to a PDF version.

If you’re interested in going on any of these trips please contact the dive manager.

Membership Fees for 2021

We’d love you to come and join us, if you are wondering what it would cost to dive with us there is information on our fees and membership benefits. See fees and benefits

boatTrailerWe mainly go diving on the South coast of England, in Kent, Dorset and Devon. Our favourite dive bases are from Littlehampton, Swanage, Portland, Weymouth, Westbay, Salcombe and Plymouth. We go to Cornwall too, diving from Penzance, Falmouth and Porkerris. We also dive in West Wales and Angelsey. Every year, we go all the way up to Scotland diving from Oban, the Outer Hebrides, Scapa Flow or the Shetlands Island.
In a nutshell, we go diving wherever we fancy going. Every year we also arrange for a “warm” water trip abroad; we have been everywhere, from Mexico to the Maldives. Some of us can’t get enough of cold water and we have recently organised trip to Alaska, Norway and Iceland too.

Some of our favourite sites

We can’t go everywhere all the time, but this shows some club favourites, that we go to most years.