Coronavirus update – a message from our Chairman

Hi All, 
You’ve heard the news. The time has come to change our behaviour to protect ourselves and others. We think there’s nothing better than diving, and if you are not able to dive, we encourage you to enjoy the outdoors and do some other exercise while you can. However, we recognise that as a Club, we need to stop some of our activities in order to support government guidelines and population health. It is with no small regret that we reach this conclusion, but it is the responsible one. 

Please take a moment to read the new club policy. To halt a rapid escalation in cases of Covid-19, it is important we all modify our behaviour immediately. This is the Club’s focus. 

This policy will be continually reviewed and updated as the situation and the advice from government changes. The clubroom will be closed up to and including 31 March. A further period of closure is likely and will be communicated nearer that date. Club training lectures will be conducted as online sessions. Leigh will be providing information on this. 

All planned club social events have been put on hold. Club Open Water training sessions may go ahead on a case-by-case basis but only if people are OK to do so. Special measures will be followed during open water training – see the link to BSAC guidelines

Club dive trips may still go ahead and again will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A risk assessment will be carried out for each planned trip. Factors such as transport, accommodation and potential strain on the NHS resources must be factored in as well the diving -related risks. Again, it is an individual decision whether to go on a dive trip. If a dive trip is cancelled we will endeavour to return any deposits paid.

Nathan will be in contact about the first planned dive trip which is to Portland at Easter. For general information on Diving and Covid-19 please read this BSAC link.
The above policy is liable to change at any time as the situation develops. 
People must assess the risks and make their own decisions whilst following Government advice. 
We hope that this situation continues for a short a time as possible, but in the meantime stay safe.