Lundy Trip Report

In mid-July, a group of seven divers from BSAC London No.1 set off for north-west Devon, the first trip of an interrupted season for many of us. We were headed for Lundy, a small island off the coast of North Devon, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol Channel.

We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather throughout the trip, with plenty of sea birds at the surface throughout the two days. On the first day, just as we arrived off the coast of the island, we were greeted by a pod of dolphins, who swam all around the boat, breaking the surface every now and then.

As a club, we tend to alternate our trips to the Farne Islands and Lundy, heading to one the first year and then the other the next. The draw for both places is the seals – and there were loads of them in Lundy! We think we may be the first divers the seals in Lundy had seen this season – and so, for some of them, the first divers they’d ever seen.

The diving was great – even without counting our whiskered friends – with pretty decent visibility and calm seas. There was plenty of life, including lots of nudibranchs, plenty of sea gooseberries, iridescent in the sunlight through the water, and plenty of jellyfish!